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Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)
Dr. Iftekharuzzaman
• National and local level research and policy advocacy.
• Civic engagement through social accountability tools.
• Outreach and communication function.
- 642 CCC (Committee of Concern Citizens) members in 45 CCC Areas.
- 1753 YES (Youth Engagement and Support) members in 45 CCC Areas and 462 YES members in Dhaka.
- 780 members of SWAJAN in 34 CCC areas.
- 1356 YES Friends in 41 CCC areas.
- 324 members of TIB over the country and abroad.
- 42 advisory members in 12 CCC areas.
- 37 YPAC (Young Professionals Aganist Corruption) members in Dhaka.
• Assigned designated Information Officers and responds to applications:
TIB assigned a total of 92 designated Information Officers and alternative Information Officers in all CCC areas including Dhaka office and disclosed their names on its website. Since then, TIB responded to 60 RTI applications submitted by the people and other organizations.
• Filing RTI applications:
A total of 275 applications was filed using the official formats. These were submitted by the members of the CCC, YES and TIB staffs to the different authorities of local government, land, health, education and climate change.
• Information Fairs for International RTK day:
TIB organized more than 80 Information Fairs in CCC areas including Dhaka and more than 550 government and non-government institutions showcased their information.
• Outreach Campaign:
In the event of International RTK day observance, TIB organized roundtable discussions, seminar, human chain, rally, debate, quiz, essay and painting competitions, signing campaign and setting information booths in CCC areas and satellite campaign vans in Dhaka city on the issue of RTI Act and its implementation.
• Satellite AI-Desk promotes proactive disclosure:
TIB’s Satellite Advice and Information Desk (AI-Desk) services focused on health, education and local government in all CCCs and Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Dhaka. More than 2,00,000 people received services information in CCC areas and Dhaka.
• Cultural Campaign on RTI:
Some 150 street theater shows by the YES theater groups reached to some 33,000 people that emphasized RTI movement in CCC areas and Dhaka. Dhaka YES Theater groups produced two RTI focused dramas.
• Campaign with visual documents:
Three television commercials (TVC) and three radio commercials (RDC) highlighting issues of health, education and local government were produced and aired by selected electronic media. Dhaka YES opened a Facebook page on RTI (https://www.facebook.com/rtibd).

Capacity Development
• Institutional capacity on RTI and filing application:
Workshops for TIB staff and Dhaka YES members were organized with the support of CHRI (Commonwealth Human Rights Initiatives) of India explaining how to get information using RTI in 2010. Later in 2011 TIB organized RTI workshops for CCC members in 9 cluster area and more than 300 YES members in 45 CCCs.
• Practical Demonstration on filling RTI format for mass people:
Some 2000 people were trained in the process of filling RTI application during Information Fairs held in 17 CCCs in 2010.
• Publishing IEC materials:
Almost 30 items of IEC materials on RTI act and its implementation such as concept note, leaflet, T-Shirt, sticker, booklet, Wristbands were produced and disseminated to some 4,00,000 people both in Dhaka and CCC areas.

• Seminar paper:
Executive Director of TIB presented the key note paper titled ‘Towards People’s Right to Information in Bangladesh: High Expectations, Tentative Progress, the Way Forward’ in 2010 and ‘Implementing Right to Information in Bangladesh: Opportunities and Challenges’ in 2009 during the observance of the International RTK Day.
• Research & policy:
As a member of RTI Forum, TIB was actively engaged in a report ‘Review of the progress of implementation of RTI Act: Analyzing Citizen and Institutional experiences’.
• Joint publication:
TIB published a translation of a CHRI book titled ‘Implementing RTI Act Handbook’ in Bangla jointly in 2011.
• Public Interest:
TIB also produced 45 Fact sheets on 45 different public service issues such as RTI Act, ACC, Police, Passport, Postal Service, Consumer Rights Act, Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Mental Hospital, Public Interest Litigation, Law of Emergency, Legal Aid, Pension, Driving License etc. in 2010-2012.
Kumar Bishwajit Das as designated Information Officer and Juliet Rossette as designated Alternative Information Officer are available in TIB head office.
Manager-Resource and Information and Programme Manager- Research & Policy, both are mid-level positions in TIB.
E-mail: bishwajit@ti-bangladesh.org and juliet@ti-bangladesh.org
Phone: 9887884, 8826036, mobile phone: 01713065016, 01714092818
Fax: 988481, Website: www.ti-bangladesh.org
As the fully accredited national chapter in Bangladesh of the Berlin-based Transparency International (TI), Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has been waging a social movement against corruption since 1996. It has been engaged in civic participation, conducting research, and advocacy programs for policy change and institutional reforms to promote good governance through non-conventional tools and processes of social accountability in selected institutions of local government and public service delivery.
9887884, 8826036
01713065016, 01714092818
Dr. Iftekharuzzaman
Executive Director